Enrique Vazquez
"Beyond a doubt, Adam Yang is the most qualified person to run for Ramsey County Judge. I've had the pleasure to get to know Adam over the years and it's clear that as Ramsey County Judge, he will exemplify honesty, fairness and thoughtfulness on the bench. Therefore, I fully support and endorse Adam Yang as our next Ramsey County Judge."


Tou Ger Bennett Xiong, Motivational Speaker, Diversity Entertainer & Consultant, Artist & Activist for 20 years

"I'm excited for my friend Adam Yang who is running for Ramsey County Judge in Minnesota. Adam has two decades of experience as a public defender, non-profit attorney, and community service. He will bring integrity, discernment, passion, and fairness to the bench."


Romi Slowiak, Community Activist

"I knew nothing about Adam when a friend dragged me to a reception for him. The main speaker was an African-American woman, a colleague of his, who explained how all the juveniles in the Hennepin County Court system wanted him to represent them. They loved him. He had me then. All his credentials and broad experience I learned about after that just sealed my support."

  Jane L. Prince ,  Ward 7 Council member   A great supporter of Adam, Saint Paul City Councilwoman, Jane Prince.

Jane L. Prince, Ward 7 Council member

A great supporter of Adam, Saint Paul City Councilwoman, Jane Prince.

Greg Egan, IV, Attorney

"We now have the opportunity to support a candidate that shares our values. Adam Yang does the same noble work as I do, as a fellow Public Defender. He is fair, passionate, and value-driven. I've gotten to know him well during the campaign season, and I respect him as a kind, humble, and principled person. He has earned my full-hearted support. I encourage you to support him as well."

Abigail Evenson, Attorney

"I’ve known Adam for 15 years...and all the years that I have worked with Adam, I have never heard a client, a colleague, a prosecutor, or a judge say anything negative about Adam.  He approaches work with professionalism, and he handles his job very quietly, very calm, and with compassion.  He is loved by everyone he works with, including his clients.  He once had a trial with a client and the client was facing over 10 years, and Adam was able to reduce that by half and the client, at the end of trial, called Adam “the bomb.”

~Kao Kalia Yang, Author of The Latehomecomer and The Song Poet

"In our family, Adam Yang was one of the first individuals to find success in the institutions of higher learning. He beckoned the rest of us toward education by showing us that it was possible. He was the first lawyer in the family, and he became a translator of the court system for the family and beyond. This year, Adam Yang is the first in the family to run for public office. He has been and continues to be a trailblazer, showing the rest of us what is possible and achievable with hard work, focused efforts, and a sustained love for family and community."

Sen Foung Hawj.PNG

Foung Hawj, State Senator

"I support Adam as he takes the next step on his pursuit of the American dream and stands for election as judge to the Ramsey County District Court. His election will help make the court more reflective of the communities it serves and I know that his sense of fairness and justice will serve the people of Ramsey County well. Please, join me in supporting Adam Yang for Ramsey County District Judge."

DeAundres Wilson, Wilson Law Office, P.A. 
"I wholeheartedly and enthusiastically support Adam Yang as a Ramsey County Judge. I’ve have the opportunity of knowing Adam since law school in the late 90’s. I have since worked with Adam in the Public Defenders Office for over 15 years. 

Not only is Adam very professional and diligent. He is always prepared regarding legal issues and a passionate advocate. Adam is very mild tempered and has a judicial temperament. I’ve always known Adam to be open minded and works very well with clients, opposing counsel, and judges. 

I fully support Adam Yang and Ramsey County would be privileged to have a Judge like Adam Yang.”


"Adam Yang is well-qualified to be a Ramsey County judge. I've had the pleasure of working with him on access to justice issues for immigrants and refugees was stellar. He is a long-time, respected public defender who has always put the interest of clients and fair process first while simultaneously balancing wide-ranging leadership and service to non-profits and community groups that have kept him connected to real people's lives. I cannot think of a better person with better preparation to guarantee fairness and fair process to all of Ramsey County than Adam."

~John Keller, Executive Director, Immigrant Law Center of Minnesota

I’ve known Adam since 1999 when he first worked for the Neighborhood Justice Center. Since then I’ve seen Adam grown from a young attorney to becoming an Assistant Public Defender in Hennepin County. Adam is a unique candidate who, if appointed, can “hit the ground running,” with 17 years of service in the Hennepin County Public Defender’s Office, a staff attorney at Neighborhood Justice, and a law clerk at Southern Minnesota Regional Legal Services and the Ramsey County Attorney’s Office. Adam is honest, experienced, hardworking, and has the demeanor that will fit well with the Ramsey County Bench.

Kazoua Yang, State Court Certified Hmong Interpreter

Susan Kaying Pha.PNG

Susan Kaying Pha, Brooklyn Park City Council Member

"I am proud to support Adam Yang for Ramsey County Judge because of his commitment to serving others and the community. His 20 years of dedicated work as a public defender and his volunteer work in the community has made a substantial impact on many lives. As a judge I know Adam will be impartial, fair and treat people with dignity."


More Endorsements

"I have known Adam for a considerable about of time and he is a dedicated public servant who is committed to using his considerable knowledge and skill to serve the people of his community. He has spent that last 17 years representing indigent clients in criminal and juvenile court ensuring that they have zealous legal representation regardless of their socio-economic status. Adam understands that a good judge must be impartial, patient, and fair to all parties that appear before them and he would treat everyone with the respect and dignity they deserve from a district court judge. I am confident that he will be all of that if he is elected this November."

~Shawn Webb, Attorney

"Adam, you would be a great judge. Before I retired as a judge, I had the chance (and privilege) to see you close-up and first-hand representing indigent clients in hundreds of cases in the Brookdale court. Your intelligence, calm, kindness, warmth and empathy deeply impressed me. I felt that day-in and day-out, you were a kindly, articulate force for justice. You represented people on some of their worst days, and your calm and gentle manner, and gift for listening, truly furthered the mission of equal justice under law. I am proud to have known you."

Lloyd Zimmerman, Retired Hennepin County Judge

John Slade.PNG

John Slade, Former 67B State Representative Candidate

"I am proud to endorse Adam Tswj Cai Yang for Ramsey County Judge. I have known him for years and have always been impressed by his level attitude and his concern for justice. His work as a public defender gives him experience and perspective from those who don't have a lot - but need fairness.

As a Ramsey County Judge, Adam will be able to provide that fairness for all people, Hmong, Black, Latino/Latina, White - ALL people!"


"Adam will be a fair, compassionate and reasoned Judge. Please explore his website to learn his story. While Adam and I are colleagues in the same Office of Hennepin County Public Defender we also have both had children in the Roseville Schools. I encourage you to support Adam."

~Polly Krause, Attorney